Apple Files Patent to Combine Handhelds and Gym Equipment

The Apple Corporation has filed a patent that will help people workout together and share their results no matter where they are in the world. The patent that was filed last October is for Interfacing Portable Media Devices and Sports Equipment and this new technology would help owners of Apple products like the iPhone share their workout data and performance information with others regardless of where they are in the world. Things like your speed or heart rate would appear in real time on your friend’s handheld display along with their own, provided both users have Wi-Fi or a cellular network connection. Many people are using media players like the iPhone to track their performance as well as to have a distraction while working out, but until now, the missing component was an easy way to insert data into your handheld device and share it in real time with others.

In a statement, Apple wrote, “an exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides sports equipment that is capable of writing workout data to a media player. The workout data may be data related to contemporaneous workout activity. The sports equipment may include a connector or connector insert for mating to a connector receptacle on a media player to form a communication link. The sports equipment may also have wireless or optical circuitry that may be used to establish a communication link with the media player.”

If this patent is approved, it will be a great way to bring people together in fitness. Having the ability to share your fitness information with friends everywhere can be a great motivator to meet your goals. Involving the right friends can help keep you accountable, motivate you to get your workouts in and they might even offer encouragement during parties and other events that might provide high calorie meals. Fitness is always more fun with a friend, and Apple’s patent offers a way to help you do even more with that philosophy. You don’t have to wait for Interfacing Portable Media Devices and Sports Equipment to become a reality though. Involve a friend today to get a jump start on reaching your fitness goals.

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