29 Healthy Ways Not to Waste Leap Year

Every four years we get an extra day on the calendar on February 29, 2019. Most people will move on auto-pilot through the day as if nothing is any different. For those who complain that they never have extra time or can’t find the time to do healthy things for themselves, we’d like to point out the additional 24 hours added to 2019. We realize that work, school, chores, and obligations must go on, and that few people will truly have an entire day to themselves. What we do suggest is trying to do at least one thing on the 29th that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Life is too short to waste any time on any day, but with the gift of an entire extra day, we say embrace it and get as much out of it as you can! Here are some fun ways to spend the day doing healthy, positive things for yourself and those around you, all inspired by the number 29.

1. Do 29 minutes of yoga.

2. Walk for 29 minutes of your lunch break.

3. Go on a 29 mile bike ride.

4. Swim 29 laps.

5. Do 29 random nice things for other people.

6. Drink 29 ounces of water.

7. Then, drink another 29 ounces of water.

8. Treat yourself to a 29 minute massage.

9. Create a new playlist with 29 of your favorite songs.

10. Wake up 29 minutes earlier to give yourself time to start the day without rushing.

11. Leave work 29 minutes early to spend some extra time with your kids outside.

12. Chew each bite 29 times to promote healthier digestion.

13. Remove 29 people from your social media lists who aren’t positively impacting your life.

14. Tell 29 people who are positively impacting your life that they are doing so.

15. Write down 29 goals, big and small, that you have for yourself.

16. Find 29 minutes just for yourself.

17. Run or jog for 29 minutes.

18. Donate $29 worth of healthy food to a soup kitchen or food bank.

19. Eat 29 calories of fruit with breakfast, or 5 large strawberries.

20. Eat 29 calories of fruit as a snack, or 1.5 oz of red grapes.

21. Eat 29 calories of vegetables with dinner, or 15 green beans.

22. Turn the TV off 29 minutes sooner than you normally would.

23. Work while standing up for 29 minutes.

24. Plan meals for the next 29 days.

25. Make a commitment to be done smoking by 29 days from now.

26. Throw out 29 unhealthy things from your kitchen.

27. Rearrange $29 in your budget to buy a gym membership.

28. Play a game of basketball; first to score 29 points wins.

29. Spend 29 minutes doing something that makes you laugh.

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