Yufit’s Gym in the Cloud Brings Your Favorite Fitness Class to You

Sometimes going to the gym seems to be too much of a hassle. You have to get dressed, drive to the gym, sign in, put away your things, and then, depending on how busy the gym is, you might have to wait for your favorite class to start.

In the end, you might leave the gym completely frustrated because you did not get in as good of a workout as you had hoped. Unfortunately, the video workouts that you can buy at a store get boring after you do them too many times and they can also get too expensive if you want to keep your collection fresh. However, you can now take as many gym classes as you want, from home, or anywhere really, with Yufit’s new Gym in the Cloud.

Gym in the Cloud allows users to access workout videos that are streaming in high definition from anywhere in the world. These videos allow users to follow along with gym-quality fitness classes from the comfort of their own homes. The videos are updated weekly, which means you are much less likely to get bored from doing the same workout video week after week. As one of the trainers, Ken Scott, says, “if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing,” and this program definitely offers variety and fun.

So what type of classes can you expect to find in Yufit’s Gym in the Cloud? The classes range in level from beginner to advanced and include popular classes such as Yoga Flow, Cardio Kickboxing, Core Burn, Balletone, Street Jazz, and Power Body. The classes are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes long, and while these aren’t exactly short workouts, you will still be able to squeeze them into your busy days because you do not have to deal with commuting to and from the gym.

“As an experienced personal trainer, I’ve seen first-hand how powerful fitness can be in changing peoples’ lives,” said Yu Hannah Kim, President of Yufit. “High quality fitness instruction shouldn’t be limited only to those with more time, self-motivation and financial resources. I wanted to help the millions who find that working out and living a healthy lifestyle can often be inconvenient, boring, and expensive.”

Alright alright, I know what you are thinking: there are already a lot of other websites where I can watch streaming workout videos. What’s so special about the Gym in the Cloud? Well, this program does not just tell you what to do, it allows you to talk back to the instructors and fellow exercisers via a social media platform. After signing up, you can access a dashboard where you can see all of the available classes, manage your workouts, and chat with the instructors and other people who are currently “in the Cloud.” So, like a normal gym, you can ask instructors questions about the workouts, your personal goals, or even tips for living a healthier life. Also, you can integrate your Gym in the Cloud account with your Facebook so that you can see which of your friends are also “in the Cloud.” This social aspect is what makes the Gym in the Cloud so unique.

Compared to a monthly gym membership or buying new workout videos every week, Yufit’s Gym in the Cloud is actually very inexpensive. A monthly membership to the virtual gym is only $9.99 per month for the first year. For a limited time, the company is also offering a free 14-day trial offer for all new members. To see more videos from this new workout service, visit their YouTube page.

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