Weight Loss Hypnosis…the iPhone App?

Weight Loss HypnosisHypnosis can be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions related to mental health. Those who are seeking to lose weight can use suggestion therapy hypnosis to change unhealthy habits or curb cravings. According to WebMD, hypnosis is usually performed by a licensed or certified mental health professional who is specially trained in the technique. However, self-hypnosis is sometimes promoted at a means of stress-relief.

Now, there’s an iPhone app that claims it can hypnotize you for weight loss benefits. Believe In Weight Loss with Hypnosis uses Benjamin P Bonetti’s hypnosis techniques to change your associations with food. Bonetti is a motivational speaker who has a large collection of self-help publications and recordings.

The hypnosis uses an audio track combined with “vision boards.” The app purportedly uses embedded commands to rework negative thoughts and turn them into positive actions in the future, which allows you to turn down foods you used to crave.

Brave souls willing to try the Weight Loss Hypnosis iPhone app can get it here.

What do you think? Would you try weight loss hypnosis on your phone?

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