The Big Sticky Mess of Childhood Obesity Revealed on Biggest Loser Week 3

It’s week three and there are only two of us left; Pam and I have no choice but to pull out ALL the stops! Then, Ali throws another twist – a pop challenge!  This challenge tests our knowledge on childhood obesity and “there is a consequence for everything.” The losing team will have to spend 4.5 HOURS a day LOCKED in this room full of video games, TVs, lounge chairs and all the snacks I have spent the last two weeks avoiding all to emulate the life of the average child.

The challenge came down to the final question: Of the parents of obese children, what percentage think their child is normal weight or underweight? Answer: 75%!! I don’t know if I should be upset that we got this question wrong or upset that this statistic is SO high. This causes a tiebreaker – WE PULL AHEAD – WHEW!

I am so glad America is seeing the EPIDEMIC of childhood obesity and its effects on the next generation. I was just like Lindsay and Sunny growing up; I struggled with being the “chubby” kid. I believe that the lack of knowledge and advancements of sedentary technology are the viruses of this disease. It is our duty as the cast of Biggest Loser to make America aware. But for now, Pam and I just need to survive this week!

OH the GUM CHALLENGE! This challenge will make you rethink ever chewing gum again! We had to run through a pit of gum, grab a 10-pound gumball and run it back through the pit; first team to collect 20 gumballs won $5,000 worth of groceries. All of us looked like Swamp Thing running through this pink goo that sucked you down faster than quick sand. Now it’s funny to watch, but it was not the most pleasant experience at the time.

Working out with Jillian this week was off to a great start. Pam and I really seemed to find our groove. Then we were put back in Jillian’s Outdoor Gym, the place where Pam, Nate and I struggled the week before. What America didn’t see last week was I battled that prowler and lost. Just call me Grace, because I fell headfirst and got a concussion- WOW did that hurt. When Jillian put me back, I didn’t think I was ready for it, but it goes to show you if you don’t give up you can tackle anything!

This weigh in was full of dramatics! Can the White Team survive or will the team be down to only one? Of course, Pam and I weigh in last, like we weren’t stressed enough! I lost six pounds, YES! Pam only needed to lose one pound to keep us safe…. Drum Roll Please… Pam lost nine pounds! WOW! And to top it off, the Pam dance. LOVE IT!!!

Sadly, every week some one has to go home and the Red Team had to deal with the first elimination. We will all miss America’s Sweetheart Cate Laughlin; she said it best with, “Being healthy isn’t a chore, it’s a gift.”

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Photos by: Tyler Golden, Trae Patton/NBC

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