The 17 Day Diet Challenge Update on The Doctors

Tune in this Friday, January 28 to The Doctors for an update on The 17-Day Diet Challenge.

This weight loss plan created by Dr. Mike Moreno has taken the diet industry by storm. It’s unique program, which consists of four 17-day phases, promises to burn fat, curb your cravings and give you noticeable results within just a few days.

The Doctors were one of the first health experts to talk about The 17-Day Diet, and because of the overwhelming response, they launched The 17-Day Diet Challenge. The challenge has motivated thousands of Americans to follow the diet plan, lose weight and become healthier. This episode will check in on a few of the 17 Day Diet challengers and see just how far they have come along their 17-day plan.

Also on the episode, from pH levels, to pounds packed on to sperm counts, your health is often measured by numbers. Get the facts on the stats vital to your well-being.

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