Saying “I Do” Can Cause Weight Gain

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It has been proven that women tend to gain a considerable amount of weight after getting married. Being a woman who just recently got engaged, hearing stats like this is quite scary!

No one is certain why it happens, but some speculate that it may be due to a decrease in activity, indulging in rich meals together, eating the same amount as your man even though men naturally require more calories, eating “guy foods” like beer and pizza, skipping the gym to hang out with your honey, or even paying less attention to your weight because you’re no longer on the prowl.

Whatever the reason is, there are definitely ways to prevent it! Here are a few of my favorite tips that can help you stay on track as a newlywed:

Get physical. Stay active together by finding fun activities that you and your man enjoy! If that’s not possible, be sure to make time for yourself to stay active. My guy hates the gym, but I love it so I typically workout at the gym and he plays ultimate Frisbee, runs outside, or works in the yard.

Cook at home more often. Choose healthy foods and watch your portion sizes at mealtime. Your portion probably shouldn’t be as big as his, unless you are working out like a mad-woman or need the extra calories.

Communicate! If your man is like mine and often tries to convince you to indulge or brings home lots of sweet treats, make sure he knows your goals to eat healthy. He’ll respect you for telling him and will most likely be more thoughtful about it.

Have separate meals occasionally. We do this often because he eats meat and I don’t. We cook together and eat together, just eat different things.

Lighten up on the alcohol. One glass of wine is fine, but alcohol is full of empty calories that can really add up. Get out of the habit of unwinding with a drink everyday and do yoga or take a walk together instead.

What do you do to make sure both you and the love of your life stay healthy?
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