Richard Simmons Helps Ellen Producer Lose More than 150 Pounds

Image via Ellen

Say what you want about Richard Simmons, but when it comes to providing people with the motivation, inspiration and the love to lose weight and take control of their health, there is no one like the tanned, Sweatin’ to the Oldies guru in short-shorts.

Last year after Richard was a guest on Ellen, he reached out to one of the show’s producers who was severely overweight and desperate for some help.

Through a series of emails, phone calls and meetings, Richard helped to transform this young man from an obese and lethargic individual to an energetic and trim young chap. In fact, David lost 159 pounds with the help of Richard.

The two recently talked with Ellen about David’s transformation and weight loss journey.

As soon as Richard began working with David, he showed him how to eat right and choose the proper portions. He also introduced him to the importance of exercise in order to stay fit and motivated. David went to Richard’s gym, Slimmons, where he worked out and got his heart rate pumping and started to strength train.

Now, David is a complete health and fitness convert. To add some additional sweet to his already amazing journey, David was presented with $2,500 to purchase a new and smaller wardrobe, as well as $5,000 gift certificate from Whole Foods to continue on with his healthy eating  habits.

Congratulations to David and to Richard for another amazing weight loss success story!

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