PINK Method’s Cynthia Pasquella Shares Tips for Jump Starting Weight Loss

PINK Method CreatorIn a live chat earlier today, P.I.N.K. Method creator Cynthia Pasquella shared some tips about jump starting a weight loss plan. Some of her main points included super foods, metabolic imagery, food journaling and finding a support network.

To help jump-start your weight loss, Cynthia discussed four super foods that will help you to feel great while starting a weight loss plan. These foods are beets, broccoli, hemp (either seeds or oil) and artichokes, many of which are featured in our 2012 super foods list. All these plants are great sources of fiber, which she says is important for cleansing and can cut down on calories absorption. Cynthia herself is a vegan, so it’s no surprise that her super foods are all plants.

Cynthia admits that one of the most unusual aspects of the P.I.N.K. Method is “thinking yourself thin” with “metabolic imagery.”  She described one study where participants who used guided imagery to imagine their bodies burning calories were more successful at losing weight. Plus, it’s a very relaxing practice.

Next, Cynthia discussed how keeping a food journal makes you twice as likely to achieve your weight loss goals. “Keeping a journal will keep you accountable,” she says. She always tells her clients to find a journal that they find appealing to use, maybe even one you think is pretty.

She also addressed how to say motivated, emphasizing the importance of having a community of supportive women. Purchasing the PINK Method will also give you access to the PINK Method VIP website, which is also a great place to turn to when they have questions or are struggling to stay accountable.

Finally, Cynthia addressed how perception can affect your weight loss. She encourages everyone to stop thinking “I can’t” and start thinking “I’m choosing to not eat that,” which can help you to not fixate on unhealthy foods. “It’s certainly more empowering,” she adds.

Of course, Cynthia talked about how the P.I.N.K. Method will incorporate these tips to set you up for success. Although the plan includes many healthy foods and a great approach to exercise, we worry that the program may encourage weight loss at too rapid a rate. Some users of the P.I.N.K. Method report losing as much as a pound per day, when the maximum rate of healthy weight loss should be one to two pounds per week. Rapid weight loss can lead to a number of serious health conditions, including irregular heart rate and light headedness. However, eating nutrient-dense plants, food journaling and finding a community of support are all great pieces of advice, no matter what weight loss plan you choose.

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