Patti Anderson’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

pattiWhat happens when you send a 55-year-old woman with diabetes and a host of other weight-related issues to the Biggest Loser ranch? She gets inspired to refocus her life. Following an in-depth health screening with the show’s medical advisor, Dr. Huizenga, Patti Anderson says she realized “I have two feet in the grave.” She says the information about diabetes, blood pressure and other health problems was overwhelming, but made her more determined to live.

“I had no choice, it was time to really change my life,” she says.

After being eliminated in week two, Patti spoke with us about her renewed love of “shopping, cooking and eating,” healthy foods that is, and how her weight loss has become an all-inclusive family effort from which everyone is reaping the benefits. Listen now as Patti tells us more about the changes at home, then continue reading.

Now that Patti is back in the kitchen, she’s sticking to the lessons she learned from Biggest Loser. Her diet includes lean proteins like chicken, turkey and fish, as well as vegetables and salads. Best of all, she says she never feels hungry or deprived.

She and her family are “moving and enjoying life” more now than ever before. She’s become much more active and brought everyone along for the ride. Their new Thanksgiving day tradition kicked off in 2009, with a 5k run. In the gym she enjoys the stair master, and out of the gym she runs the Lafayette, California reservoir on most days, as well as finds other fun ways to stay active. Her weight no longer interferes with her love of dancing, and she and her husband Carl have taken salsa lessons and look forward to ballroom. “Dancing is a wonderful way to get in exercise and hold him close,” says Patti.

When Patti’s not focused on her own weight loss, she’s rooting for her teammate and daughter, Stephanie Anderson. Patti sacrificed her position in week two so that Stephanie could continue at the ranch. She says they miss each other, but that won’t stop Stephanie from going all the way. “Stephanie will rock,” the proud mother says!

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