One Strange Celeb-Bashing Diet Promotion

zone delivery dietIf there’s any doubt as to why the traditional print tabloids are taking a slow nosedive into oblivion, let’s set things straight. We live in an era when tabloid thinking permeates every fiber of our society. Everyone has their hand in the till. The National Enquirer is only one outlet in a sea of gossip sources, most of which are free!

The tabloid culture has become so pervasive, that even non-media companies are getting involved in the mudslinging. Take the Zone Delivery Diet, who thought that it made sense to point out famous people’s weight issues in order to promote their food delivery service.


That’s what I said too. It’s such a strange and crude non-sequitur marketing approach. It’s basically saying “Hey, look at the imperfect celebrities, try our diet products.” Does that make any linear sense?

It’s one thing for a celebrity rag to make their living in the mud, but a diet company?

In 2008, Jennifer's weight was popular tabloid fodder.

In 2008, Jennifer Love Hewitt's weight was popular tabloid fodder. published the Zone publicist’s email, which I have a bit of a minor issue with. I just think that publishing email correspondence that’s meant to be a one-on-one business conversation (not for public consumption), and then poking fun at it is a little like an ambush. There are, of course, exceptions, like letters to the editor, major infractions, etc. But in the case of when someone is just doing their job, it seems wrong to me.

Anyway, before I get too far off the subject, you can get all the dirt (if that’s your thing) at Along with the email correspondence, Jezebel gives the five celebrities that were spotlighted in the publicity stunt, er, campaign. It includes the likes of Oprah, Mariah Carey, Joaquin Phoenix, Matthew Perry, and Jennifer Love Hewitt… a couple of which I’ve commented about here at previously.

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