No Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 2 Recap

Here we are. Week two of the Biggest Loser! This is usually when the show really starts to kick into high gear and I am sure this season will not disappoint. Last week, the people working with the unknown trainers lost a mind-blowing amount of weight as compared to the “ranchers.”  Will they be able to keep it going in week two?

Alison walks in the room and the contestants already know that when she enters the scene, something crazy is going on! If the ranchers lose a higher percentage of weight than the unknowns this week, they all get immunity. This is a huge prize! Immunity is the biggest prize in the game, and if they can take advantage of this, they can even the playing field with the unknowns. Oh yeah, one more thing, the winning team gets a cool 10K in cash to split up. Not too shabby.

Week two also seems to be the week of breakthroughs. These oftentimes occur during workouts, because they beat you down so much physically that your emotions start to run and you begin to realize the roots of your problems. Arthur has a breakthrough with Bob as he sees what he has done to himself and can admit it finally. Jen has a moment with Jillian and her father Jay in seeing how she needs to be proud of herself and focus on herself rather than worrying about and feeling guilty for others. Moses has a breakthrough by realizing he needs to be there for his family.

Now is also when the contestants have their meetings with Dr. H. The first meeting is always the most brutal.  He just lays it on the line and doesn’t fail to live up to those expectations this season. Courtney, at 22-years old, actually has an inner age of 40!  Dan is predicted to live for less than ten more years! Arthur has over 300 pounds of fat still left on his body! He is surprised by his sister and baby niece who come to visit and give him a hug from his daughter, hoping this will keep him fighting for his tenure on the ranch.

Challenge time! As it is explained, the ranchers will have to build a bridge with rafts across a stretch of water. Seems simple enough, except for the fact that the unknowns have already done this in a blazing time of less than 40 minutes. The winning team also gets a three-pound advantage at the upcoming weigh in, and as we all know EVERY POUND IS PRECIOUS!  The ranchers seem to have trouble coordinating their efforts and getting the rafts across and don’t even make it to the halfway point in the time it took the unknowns to finish the whole thing. There go those pounds…

The ranchers enter the weigh in to watch a video of the unknowns weighing in.  There are some big numbers. Rulon loses an additional 17 pounds this week and Moses loses 12 more.  They have lost 79 pounds total between 10 people, plus 3 additional from the challenge. The ranchers have to lose more than 78 pounds in order to be victorious. Irene weighs in alone, being the sole remaining member of the orange team, for a 10 pound loss! Confidence is up until the black and purple teams weigh in with mediocre numbers. Then green and aqua teams weigh in with great results, leaving just the blue team to weigh in. And looks like they did it! Arthur and Jesse lost a combined 21 pounds to seal the victory for the ranchers and ensure that all of them are at the ranch for one more week!

This season is definitely keeping me on the edge of MY seat. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. Tune in Tuesday night, 8/7c on NBC.

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