NBA and WNBA Live Healthy Week Starts Today

NBA/WNBAIt may not be hard for professional basketball players to stay healthy when they’re training all the time, but they know that it’s more of a challenge for their fans. To help encourage families to lead active lives the NBA is promoting Live Health Week, which starts today and will end on January 12th.

To help communicate the cause, a NBA/WNBA Fit Team has been recruited to promote healthy living at events and programs around the country. The team is made up of players, coaches, officials, trainers and other health experts who reach out to kids and parents.

One program is Dribble, Dish and Swish, and event for children between the ages of seven and 12, where members of the Fit Team run drills and talk about staying fit. For whole families, there’s NBA nation and many other events.

You can participate in NBA/WNBA Fit Live Healthy Week by visiting the NBA Fit website and making a healthy FIT Pledge. The site also has workouts, inspirational videos and a list of upcoming events.

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