Missouri Nurse Kim Stone Reverses Obesity Legacy on Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Kim Stone is an emotional woman. After losing both her parents to complications resulting from morbid obesity, she’s afraid her slippery slope of weight gain is also going to take her away from her three grown children far too soon. At 48, with a moderate weight (by comparison to her Biggest Loser peers) of 219 pounds, Kim may not be the heaviest contestant at the Biggest Loser 13 ranch, but she’s already experiencing complications from her weight including type 2 diabetes. She and her daughter Megan Stone represent the purple team, one of three parent/child duos on this season.

Kim’s weight gain began after a failed pregnancy and almost immediate successful pregnancy with her daughter. Losing the additional pounds seemed daunting, and like many new mothers, she couldn’t seem to find the time or energy to try and take the weight off. When her father died at 59, her grief led to depression, eating and more pounds.

Currently, Kim works as a registered nurse in Dittmer, Missouri. Because of her unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight, she is now starting to experience her own health complications including plantar fasciitis, hypertension, high cholesterol and hypothyroidism.

Kim recently received her nursing degree. It coincided with the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death. She considers this time in her life to be a weight loss epiphany. She realized that if she didn’t make a “major life overhaul” she would die before she realized success in her career (something she worked so hard for) and miss seeing her children and future grandchildren.

Kim hopes to take this experience and use it to become a motivational speaker.

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