LG SmartFridge Equipped to Help Manage Your Diet

What will they think of next? Apparently a refrigerator that will help you diet.

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, LG introduced a fridge like no other. LG, one of the largest appliance companies in the world, is recognized for its innovative technologies. Among the newest additions to its Smart ThinQ appliance line is the refrigerator that contains a health manager feature. The health manager, built in to the refrigerator, claims to help the user maintain their diet. It also sends recipes to a Smart Oven and alert the user when particular groceries need to be restocked. All of this can be managed from an iPhone app.

The health manager is customizable and can set individual family member profiles to cater to each of the unique dietary needs in the home. The manager can also be controlled through voice recognition.

Obviously they are keeping many of the specific details under wraps as it is one of the big stars of the CES this week. While the refrigerator may come with some handy options for tracking food and making life a little cooler and perhaps easier, it seems unlikely that the fridge will shrink the waistline. Whether the calories are tracked through a weighted scale and a pen and paper, through a mobile smart phone app, or even through the futuristic talking refrigerator, the dieter is truly the only one in control. Even if the refrigerator has a Jillian Michaels function that begins yelling at you if you open the freezer door and grab the ice cream, chances are it’s still not going to be the reason for significant weight loss; like other technologies and gadgets, it’s merely a support tool.

The age of technology we live in is amazing. The advances and inventions have certainly aided in making exercise and diet more convenient, more accurate, and many times more fun. But none of the amazing inventions have replaced the discipline and sweat that lead to any weight loss or fitness goals.

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