Kick-off the Super Bowl with lighter foods

January first you woke up and decided to shuck those extra holiday pounds. You found a diet that you like and something comfortable to stick with. You’ve been doing well- steadily losing weight, feeling better about yourself. And then- the first road block of the dieter’s new year- Super Bowl.

This Sunday living rooms across America will be piled high with testosterone, beer and plenty of greasy favorites- tempting your self-control. To help you through this main event of eating, as Super Bowl is America’s second largest day of food consumption behind Turkey Day, I thought I’d share some healthier options.

Now listen- healthier does not been bland or boring. These tasty munchies will have your guests saying “we want more” and never once questioning how low-fat-carb-calorie they might be.

Our top Super Bowl food picks are:
Chipotle Chicken Cups
Stuffed Mushrooms
Beef Jerky
Crock Pot Hot German Potato Salad
Chicken and Red Chili Tamales
Pork Fajita Pitas
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Fireside Chili

Don’t deprive your sweet tooth either. Check out Cherry Almond Popcorn Clusters, Rocky Road Brownies and Smorgasbord Fruit Salad.

If these don’t trip your tastebud trigger- search through the more than 600 recipes on Diets In Review that are low-carb and Weight Watchers friendly.

Whether a Patriots or Giants fan- the real winner will be your delicious and healthy Super Bowl buffet.

2 Responses to Kick-off the Super Bowl with lighter foods

  1. Debbie B. says:

    Oh my gosh the super bowl is my downfall each year. I love football and junk food, but some of these recipes might just save me from myself.

  2. HealthyJim says:

    I am definitely going to try out the – Chicken and Red Chili Tamales. Looks Awesome!

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