Jamie Oliver Announces the Winners of The Food Revolution Open IDEO Challenge

An Open Food Revolution CoverChef Jamie Oliver hosted a design challenge on Open IDEO, a site that promotes collaborative problem solving. Oliver asked the community, “How can we raise kids’ awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?”

Part of Oliver’s Food Revolution, the challenge led to 198 final concepts, from which 17 winning concepts were selected. The concepts tackle the issue of healthy eating on many different fronts, from the grocery store, to schools, to home activities. To illustrate the whole process, Oliver and Open IDEO created a booklet that you can download.

Each one of the winning designs deserves an article on its own, but my favorite idea is “What’s for dinner!? – The last class of the day.” This idea was submitted by Chris Waugh. This concept not only answers the question “What’s for dinner?” with a healthy meal, but also teaches kids about nutrition and cooking in a hands-on way. For the last period of the school day, kids would cook a dinner that they could bring home to their families. Not only would this teach kids how to cook fresh food, it would also be a boon to stressed-out parents. Plus, this kind of hands-on activity is ideal at the end of the school day, when many student’s attention spans are shorter.

Check out all 17 winning concepts here!

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