Interview with Damien Gurganious, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 3

Damien Gurganious has lost 85 pounds since starting Biggest Loser 7.

Damien Gurganious has lost 85 pounds since starting Biggest Loser 7.

The elimination for Biggest Loser week three appeared to be in the bag – Damien Gurganious would move on to week four and hopefully bring fiancee Nicole back into the game. However, his competitors thought differently, and voted out Damien instead of Joelle. He says he thinks the decision was made because he was much bigger competition than Joelle. He’s OK with it though, because he’s doing better at home. Damien explained that being in your own environment with access to the confidants and friends who inspire him is much better than being at the ranch. Plus, he has Nicole.

Hear what Damien has to say about working out with Jillian, and life at home with Nicole.

He said when he came home after his week three elimination, “Nicole was dumbfounded for about 20 seconds.” But no where near the fireworks we anticipated seeing other contestants receive if faced with returning home.

They’re now working closely together each day, and learning what the other needs to be successful. He says there’s a lot of pressure and if one of them says “give me 20 minutes alone,” they understand and oblige. In addition to giving each other space, three things they are focused on that you can follow too are:

  1. Watching calorie intake.
  2. Getting a minimum of 90 minutes of cardio in the morning and 90 minutes of cardio at night.
  3. Drinking plenty of water

    Nicole and Damien plan to wed in June 2009.

    Nicole and Damien plan to wed in June 2009.

Damien and Nicole are also steering clear of temptation because their bodies are simply rejecting the food. He used bacon as an example. “My body hasn’t had fat in months,” he said. And if he tried to eat real bacon, “my stomach’s upset for two days.” They also stopped adding salt to food, this coming from a guy who says he “puts salt on salt.”

As they prepare for June wedding, Damien said he’s looking forward to trying on a nice Italian tux, instead of the 60″ waist, powder blue with ruffles version he was going to have to wear previously. They’re also happy about the positive changes their weight loss has introduced to their lives, like being able to sit comfortably together in a plane or at the movies, and taking three hour bike rides. “We’re experiencing life again for the first time in new bodies.”

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