How to Have a Healthy Lunch at Work

We’re all a little cash strapped these days. If you haven’t already started brown bagging it, you just might when I tell you that you could save $200 or more per month just by bringing food from home for lunches at work.

Not only do you want your food to be affordable, but if you’re visiting, you also want it to be healthy. Just leave it to me, your resident healthy eating expert, to give you some quick and useful tips that will have you feeling great, losing weight, and saving cash in no time.

  • sack lunchPack a food bag each week and include:
    • Fresh fruit that holds up: apples, oranges, bananas
    • Nuts: portion-control if possible, about one ounce
    • Individually-wrapped cheese sticks
    • Canned, wild-caught salmon
    • Frozen meals: Watch for healthy protein, and that it’s low in fat and saturated fat
  • When packing a lunch, use a portion-controlled, divided, reusable container with a sturdy lid: Half the plate for veggies, one-quarter for lean protein, and one-quarter for whole grains.

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