Hot Nutrition Books in 2010 – Part One

We all could use a little health help and a great way to get advice you can trust is by turning the pages of a great nutrition book. But how do you separate the great stuff from the absolute fluff? You read this post, of course. I have a few books to recommend that would make any health nut’s shelf happy.

what to eat celiac diseaseTell Me What to Eat If I Have Celiac Disease: Nutrition You Can Live With, by Kimberly A. Tessmer RD, LD, is a guide for anyone living with celiac disease.

There have been other books about eating gluten-free written by people who aren’t experts. If you have celiac’s, you need a credible resource to help you eat nutritiously and avoid gluten.

Why I like it: If you want to know about gluten-free, you need to read this book because it is written by a celiac’s disease nutrition expert.

ibs free at lastIBS – Free at Last!: A Revolutionary, New Step-by-Step Method for Those Who Have Tried Everything. Control IBS Symptoms by Limiting FODMAPS Carbohydrates in Your Diet is a book written by Patsy Catsos that provides some diet options for people with IBS that will help ease their symptoms.

Why I like it: If you struggle with IBS, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with eating foods. You wonder “is this going to give me a problem?”. This book is based on the latest science and it is communicated in a simple way.

calorie counter dummiesThe Calorie Counter for Dummies is part of the For Dummies health and fitness series.

The book provides information on the nutritional and caloric value of foods commonly eaten from restaurants, at home and from the grocery store.

Why I like it: Knowledge is power. While I don’t recommend a life of counting every calorie, it can be helpful and motivational to be more aware of the calories in a typical day if you’re trying to lose weight.

nutrition at your fingertipsNutrition at Your Fingertips is an impressively comprehensive and highly informative food information book written by Elisa Zied, R.D.

Why I like it: think of it as a Webster’s dictionary for nutrition. It’s the ultimate resource of trustworthy information.

baby food bibleThe Baby Food Bible: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Child, from Infancy On, by Eileen Behan, gives new parents some key information on how and what to feed their babies.

Why I like it: There’s a lot going on in your head if you are a new parent. If you want a comprehensive guide on how to feed your baby healthily, grab this one written by a nutrition expert who specializes in child nutrition.

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