HealthNut Mac App Helps You Track Your Nutrition Goals

Diet Mac AppOne of the most exciting Mac apps for dieters is HeathNut, a food journal that uses the FDA food database to make keeping track of your nutrition a snap. You can search the database easily, and HealthNut does all the math for you. Not only does this food journal app show your daily calories, it also breaks down your food intake into specific nutrients. It’s easy to see what percentage of protein, carbs and fat you’re eating.

A few users complain that the food database is not comprehensive enough, but it’s fairly straight forward to add foods that aren’t in the list by using any nutrition label. Or, you can combine existing food entries to create new ones.

This journal makes it simple to jump back in history to see what you ate last week (or even last year once you’ve been journaling long enough), and helps you organize your food into meals. There’s also a goal setting feature, that’s both flexible and realistic. Keeping on track isn’t about being perfect, so keeping goals in mind is a great way to achieve long-term improvement. The interface is clean and easy to understand.

You can get the HealthNut Mac app here.

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