Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Food Cravings Workout Mix

We all have food cravings. Some of us absolutely must have our daily dose of sweets, while others are helpless in avoiding the salty temptation of a bag of pretzels or salted peanuts.

This week I dedicate my workout playlist to one of my favorite senses: taste. While music is experienced with the sense of hearing, often it can entice many others, including your taste buds.

Next time you feel a food craving coming on, pop this mix on your iPod and hit the pavement for a little cardio. These songs may not always be about food in a literal sense (come on, what is music usually about!?), but they can make you think about your cravings subliminally. Face them head on while you burn some calories!

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Food Cravings Workout Mix

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1. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

2. ZZ Top – Crunchy

3. Aerosmith – Uncle Salty

4. Slave – Spice Of Life (Oh Yes, You’re the Best)

5. Todd Rundgren – Bread

6. Ike & Tina Turner – Daily Bread

7. The Time – Ice Cream Castles

8. The Kinks – Skin & Bone (Since the food connection isn’t evident in the title, this song is about a woman who goes on a crash diet: “Don’t eat no mashed potatoes/Don’t eat no buttered scones/Stay away from carbohydrates/You’re gonna look like skin and bone.)

9. The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

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