The Golden Globes Nominees’ Dinner Menu Inspired by Global Cuisine

Tonight, stars will line the red carpet for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. While most people will be focused on what the stars are wearing, we’ve been wondering what the stars will be eating when they sit down to dinner during the show.

Executive chef Suki Sugiura and pastry chef Thomas Henzi of the Beverly Hilton Hotel have spent six months developing a menu based upon the theme of “Global Food Harmony” to represent the global nature of the awards.


Appetizer: Pistachio crusted pistou ravioli with wild arugula served with smoked tomato, kabocha compote and burrata.

Entree: Miso and sake lees marinated pacific sea bass with grilled king oyster mushroom and braised prime short rib of beef. To be served with porcini pine nut herb ragout in a light cream of sherry wine ginger tamari sauce and roasted fingerling potatoes, candy striped beets, baby bok choy and yellow baby carrots.

Dessert: A trio: chocolate delice almond crunch terrine and acacia honey, caramel and fresh berries, paired with a Moet & Changdon Grand Vintage 2002 magnum specially created for the event.

According to BizBash, the kitchen will employ 40 chefs and 110 kitchen staffers to prepare the meal. Despite all of this effort, will the A-listers in the audience stray from their meticulous diets for one night to indulge in the three-course meal? We decided to investigated which stars are dieting these days – and what types of healthy eating regimens we might expect from them at the awards.

Kate Winslet

Nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture has been linked to the Facial Analysis Diet, which relies on spotting nutritional deficiencies by “reading” the face and eating a customized diet. Winslet reportedly followed the plan, which forces you to abstain from wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine or alcohol, to lose post-pregnancy weight after the birth of her daughter. Today, we can assume Winslet allows herself the occasional indulgence, as she recently told the U.K. edition of Elle Magazine “that she keeps her weight “under control in part by just being sensible.”

Charlize Theron

To keep her body slim and healthy, this nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture eats lots of raw foods. Though she has been spotted toting Lean Body meal replacement shakes, Theron told Shape magazine that her diet “is based on fresh fruits and vegetables that give her all the vitamins and minerals she needs.” Her trainer, Fedele De Santis, owner of The Gym on Nemo, told Shape that “Charlize is an extremely serious, focused client,” so we know that her svelte shape is not only a result of eating well, but of some serious gym sessions. Will Theron indulge in a celebratory meal at the Golden Globes? She told Shape magazine that she loves red meat, so it’s likely that she’ll treat herself to some short rib.

Kristen Wiig

Despite her carnivorous tendencies in Bridesmaids, Wiig, another nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, keeps her slim shape by maintaining a vegetarian diet.  “I eat a lot of tofu and soy,” Wiig told Women’s Health magazine.  The comedienne has also said that she stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice. Though it doesn’t sound like she’ll be indulging in fish or beef tonight, we hope she’ll at least treat herself to a glass of champagne.

Zooey Deschanel

This “New Girl” stays slim by running, working out on the elliptical trainer and doing Pilates, but when it comes to diet she calls herself “the opposite of everyone in Hollywood.” Deschanel, who is up for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical, loves bread and pasta, but avoids between-meal snacking to stave off weight gain. With wheat and soy allergies, Deschanel will probably watch what she eats at the awards, but reportedly enjoys cookies from BabyCakes bakery when she is in L.A.

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