Futuristic Fridge Could Assist Dieters

I admitted on twitter a few weeks ago that I had ordered a pizza for dinner after spending several days caring for a very ill doggie, making multiple trips per day to the vet’s office, rescheduling clients, and preparing for Christmas. After all that, I did not think my brain was up to creating dinner for myself and visiting relatives. We have all had those moments when we are mentally zapped. I knew that proper nutrition and full physical energy are important to mental recovery though, so I committed to drinking several glasses of water with my pizza and going to bed early. With the new fridge of the future however, pizza delivery may no longer be necessary when meal planning is more than you can manage.

While the fridge of the future is still in research stage at the University of Central Lancashire, it could be a dieter or busy mother’s dream. The hope is to create a single appliance that can plan meals based on its contents, order missing ingredients for delivery, and even count calories ingested. In addition, the refrigerator itself would move food that is nearing expiration to the front of shelves to catch your eye. It will also be able to detect any rotting foodstuffs and alert you to dispose of them. Of course, the fridge of the future will have a self-cleaning option as well. Researchers also plan a trash can of the future which can work together with their refrigerator.

If we can find Rosie the robot to cook the food planned by this fantasy fridge and do the dishes, meal planning would require absolutely no mental or physical energy.

image via dailymail.co.uk

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