Emily Maynard Is a Health-Food Freak

head shot of emily maynardIt’s not hard to understand how Emily Maynard stays so slender. Just announced as the next Bachelorette, Maynard says she’s a health food “freak” even though she doesn’t cook much. “I eat as clean as can be – no sugar, no sodium, nothing,” she said in an interview with People Magazine. She confessed that she’s an “awful” cook, and depends on eating prepared meals from her local health food store and is known to shop at Whole Foods.

Although it doesn’t have any calories, one of Maynard’s unhealthy habits is an obsession with Diet Coke. “I drink way too many but can’t get through the day without it!”

When it comes to fitness, Maynard loves exciting, outdoors activities. She says Aspen is one of her favorite places because “after being outside all day you can sit in front of the fire.” As much as Maynard likes being out in the sun, she’s careful to protect her skin and always has tunes on-the-go. “I don’t go without music and sunscreen!”

Maynard was the winner of a previous season of The Bachelor, but her engagement to Brad Womack ended last summer. The Southern girl has a five-year-old daughter, Ricki.

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