Dr. Oz’s Five Things You Need to Do in 2011 on the Oprah Show

Tune in this Thursday, January 13 to the Oprah Show when Dr. Oz tells you what five things you need to do in 2011 to be healthy.

America’s favorite doctor made his mark by appearing on the Oprah Show a few years ago. Since then, Dr. Oz has developed his own show, the Dr. Oz Show, but he continues to make appearances on the Oprah Show, especially when a health issue hits center stage. On this episode, Dr. Oz gives you his five must-do’s in order to save your life. Plus, learn about the thing you need to in order to lose weight this year.

Oprah’s OWN Network debuted last week with an exclusive All-Star episode, which of course included Dr. Oz. He spent the show answering your toughest and most embarrassing health questions.

Check your local listings for exact air times of the Oprah Show.

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