Dr. Oz Introduces 11 Weeks to Health Program

Dr. Mehmet Oz, better known simply as Dr. Oz, seems to have turned into “America’s Doctor.” Oprah’s authority on health has brought tons of invaluable knowledge to daytime viewers of his show. Last week, Dr. Oz unveiled his new project, the “11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It” program. From the sounds of it, the program is pretty ambitious in its attempts to get people into shape.

Teaming up with Sharecare and the Nike SPARQ Training Network, Dr. Oz is offering an interactive 11-week program. The comprehensive program offers diet and fitness tools and a coaching program to help you meet your weight loss goals, but what really sets this program apart is the daily interaction users have with their elite training team of fitness and nutrition experts.

When you sign up for the 11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It program there are two specialized goals you can choose from, one for losing weight, the other for getting healthier if you don’t have weight to lose.

Here are some more of the features in Dr. Oz’s 11-week program:

A health assessment – Do you want to see how healthy or unhealthy you are before you start Dr. Oz’s 11-week program? You can take a quiz to evaluate your diet and exercise habits.

Food logs – People who sign up for 11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It can keep track of what they eat by entering just about any food you can think of from a database of 70,000 items. This includes choices from restaurants too. In doing so, participants can track calories and nutrient intake. An added benefit to the food log is that you will get menu suggestions based on your lifestyle.

Setting and tracking your goals – Participants are given a customized calendar for their 11-week program. The calendar helps to monitor your progress, set goals and keep you on track based on your height, weight, BMI, age, and lifestyle.

Community – Studies have shown that emotional support is a powerful tool in weight loss. Participants can communicate with other people involved in the program. You also have access to professional advice from the Nike SPARQ Training Network (NSTN).

Videos – Exercise videos will help participants get moving and shed your excess weight.

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