Domino’s to Serve “Smart Slices” in School Cafeterias

Look in the newspapers and on television, and you will see that schools nationwide are struggling to make school lunches affordable, nutritious and appealing to children. It’s a tough combination that is tricky to balance, and Domino’s Pizza is trying to fill that void. They’ve debuted a new offering for school lunches named “Smart Slice”. Domino’s recently announced that they plan to double the number of schools serving their pizzas in the next 12 months. They are currently serving the new pizza in more than 120 districts.

A healthier alternative to the traditional pizza offerings, the “Smart Slice” has been specially formulated to meet the newly released federal guidelines for school lunches. While it looks the same as other pizza slices, the “Smart Slice”  includes a crust made from 51 percent whole-wheat flour, reduced-fat mozzarella, and sauce that contains 35 percent less sodium than the pizza chain’s traditional sauce.

Critics argue that the new offering doesn’t help children learn to make healthy food choices. It is apparent, though, that having a pizza that is healthier, while still resembling regular pizza, helps picky eaters get their nutrition. However, half the battle of creating children who eat healthier is getting the foods into them.


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