Dolvett Readies for Biggest Loser Season 13 Premiere

Dolvett Quince took the Biggest Loser ranch by storm last season and stole the hearts of America. That’s quite a feat considering he was replacing the beloved, and feared, Jillian Michaels. Tonight, Biggest Loser 13 will premiere with only two trainers, with both Dolvett and Bob Harper.

This morning, Dolvett made an appearance on the Today Show to promote the new season, which has a two-hour premiere tonight to introduce us to the 20 new contestants who are in for the shock of a lifetime – a season centered around No Excuses. Even with a very successful season behind him, the top finishers of the Biggest Loser 12 marathon were his trainees, he was still surprised by the newest class.

“I was surprised by the contestants – psychologically they have so much doubt. My job is to help them remove the doubt and lose the weight,” he told Matt Lauer.

A question we more or less asked of co-trainer Bob Harper yesterday was asked again by Ann Curry, confronting the possibility of a power struggle between Dolvett and Bob.

Dolvett responded with that incredibly charming smile, “Do you know who won the finale?” It was his contestant, John Rhode.

Dolvett takes his job as a trainer personally and seriously, and you’ll see that on display every Tuesday night now through May. “I love transforming. I look at myself as a trainer and as a transformer.”

Hear the passion he has for his job in our interview from the BL12 finale.

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