Collage Video Lets You ‘Try Before You Buy’ New Fitness DVDs

I bought my first exercise video in 2002. It was a Pilates video and I quickly got to work on the daily routine. After about a week, I couldn’t stand hearing the instructor attempt to be a comedian anymore. I needed her guidance, but not her anecdotes. After my son was born I got a new video. The modern cover was deceiving. The video was out dated and I couldn’t follow the steps because I was too busy laughing at the full body leotards all the big haired women were sporting.

At home exercise can be extremely effective. There are several great videos available, but how do you know if it’s the right one for you? The blurbs on the back covers tend to leave too many questions. The best way to choose is to actually try it out before you buy it- and now you can.

Collage Video coins themselves as being the “exercise video specialists since 1987.” This company started by printing a catalog of exercise video reviews. 25 years later, they’ve moved to a web site but still offer a great service to those looking to get fit. Every video found on their site has been reviewed by an ACE-certified trainer and a “regular person.” After the team has deemed the video effective, they place it on their site by category and give it a rating.

The best appeal of Collage Video is that they offer a sample clip for the interested shopper. This way, the customer can try out the workout, hear the instructor, and get a general feel for the workout.

This site could be the end to unused collections of exercise DVDs that eventually become garage sale fodder. More importantly, if the user can find the right video for them, they are less likely to give up on a routine and ultimately meet their health and fitness goals.

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