Chiropractics 101

I’ve just recently started to research and investigate the practice of chiropractics. Coming from a medical family, I have often looked upon this form of health care with hesitation and doubt. But since many of my friends have had successful treatment outcomes after visiting with a certified and trained chiropractor, I thought I would give it some further inspection. In doing so, I’ve learned about the basic premise of this system of medicine.

Chiropractic is based upon what science has told us namely, that our nervous system, comprised of brain, spinal cord and millions of nerves controls the function of every tissue, organ, system and even cell in our body. Our typical daily activities of daily living cause the normal positioning of the spine to get jolted out of its healthy stance. In doing so, the nervous system is rendered dysfunctional and this can lead the physical signs and symptoms of some type of illness, ache or pain that we feel.

A chiropractor will then try to manipulate the spine through specific adjustments to place it back in its original position. It is definitely a very compelling and fascinating premise and for me, arming myself with knowledge and information and then combining with a healthy punch of intuition is my best course of action before I take any action.

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