Cassandra Sturos Will be a NYC Writer for Hire Following Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Cassandra Sturos, 25, wants to “take New York City by storm.” She recently received her bachelor’s degree in English/writing from Northern Michigan University. She wants to be a writer, maybe a columnist, and she knows New York City is the place to pursue her dreams, but at 239 pounds she lacks the confidence to make her big move. When Cassandra tried out for the Biggest Loser competition she invited her grandmother, Nancy Rajala, to join her. This year they make up the orange team, the only grandparent/grandchild team on Biggest Loser 13.

Cassandra is no stranger to excess weight and the teasing that often comes with it. As the oldest of 10 children growing up in Fowlerville, Michigan, Cassandra remembers someone taunting her about her weight in the second grade. It immediately and forever-after affected her self-esteem. As many people do, she sought comfort in food and continued to gain weight.

Her extra weight makes Cassandra feel insecure and she doubts herself, even on things she shouldn’t, like her writing career. She admits she’s much harder on herself than she would be on anyone else. She describes herself as a “huge dreamer,” but says her self-image won’t allow her to be the person she wants to be. She knows the doubts and insecurities affect many things in her life including her career path and relationships with men. She hopes the Biggest Loser competition will help bring out the confident person she truly is striving to be.

Cassandra is excited to return from the ranch with a new body and new attitude. In addition to moving to New York and getting serious about her writing career, Cassandra is ready for even more adventures including sky diving and white-water rafting.

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