Cary Williams-Nunez Prepares for the Knocking Out Obesity Tour

This spring, Cary Williams-Nunez and her husband Angelo Nunez will hit the road to tour schools in ten cities for their Knocking Out Obesity Tour. In its second year, it’s something that Cary worked hard to bring to life.

It was initially something she thought about in 2007 and took a few years to put all the pieces in place to make it happen. She is a boxing star in her own right, and co-owns Primetime Boxing with her husband. They put down their gloves and last year turned some of their focus to being part of the solution in the childhood obesity epidemic by completing their first Knocking Out Obesity tour.

This spring, The Nunez’s Knocking Out Obesity tour will visit another ten cities, including three elementaries and seven middle schools. Their stops will include Chicago, Buffalo, Birmingham, New Orleans, four cities in Texas, and DC, where she’s hoping to score some face time with Mrs. Obama.

They start by looking at the list of top 25 fattest cities, that publishes annually, and then select 10 cities to visit. Then, they choose one school in each city. They primarily visit middle schools, with some elementary, and try to schedule with their PE classes. The response?

“Wow! So positive,” Cary told us. “They always ask ‘when are you coming back?'”. During their day with the kids they set up a variety of stations where they can shadow box, jump rope, and do plyometric and isometric exercises. At the end they ask for volunteers to come up and punch their mitts.

“The PE teachers can take [what we teach] and implement it in their PE programming,” she said, noting that teachers and staff are always appreciative of what she and Angelo are doing.

Boxing is growing in popularity as a way to get fit, and not just an HBO special. At her Primetime Boxing gyms, she says “We see a lot of people who’ve never done boxing before,” and says her trainers know how to work with them to ensure they get started safely. She also calls out a common misnomer that “people think they have to be in shape before they work out with us. It’s not true. [Boxing] is a great way to start a new work out.”

If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape for yourself, your kids, or together as a family, take a look at boxing. Many studios accommodate a variety of experience and age levels. Especially for the kids, it can provide discipline, activity, and together as a family a healthy way to bond.

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