Can Exercise Prevent Illness?

The flu and colds are caused by viruses and are somewhat impossible to avoid due to constant human contact. This type of illness is so common during the winter months because the body is busy trying to keep itself warm. The immune system isn’t as strong, thus becoming more susceptible to infection and viruses. Frequent hand washing, keeping hands away from face and mouth, and avoiding contact with those who are infected are the safest ways to escape the illness.

Exercise, on the other hand, has been proven to improve normal body functioning as well as improving sleep patterns- both of which are vital to boost the immune system. By consistently exercising, your stamina and strong body will be able to fight off the viruses better and faster. Exercising too much can have the adverse affects by weakening the body and allowing it to be more prone to sickness. Exercising after you become sick is unlikely to change the course of the illness as well. Below are the best ways to help prevent becoming ill during this winter season.

Best Ways To Prevent Sickness During The Winter Months:

  • Frequently wash your hands at least once an hour
  • Try to avoid touching door handles, railings, and gas pumps: three most popular germ areas
  • Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times
  • Consistently exercise
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat a well balanced diet
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Avoid smoky bars, restaurants, or other similar places or locations
  • Avoid contact with infected persons
  • Don’t drink after anyone

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