Calorie Camp offers Calorie Count Dieters More Accountability

This week Calorie Count unveiled Calorie Camp, a new healthy-living social networking site that allows users to connect with other members, share status updates, daily progress reports, and receive community support and feedback.

“Technology is playing an increasing role in weight loss and daily heath and wellness maintenance,” said Rachel Berman, RD, CSR, CD/N, Director of Nutrition for

People use the internet for business, communication, e-commerce, education, entertainment and more recently, for weight loss and healthy lifestyle maintenance. With the number of diet and weight loss-related mobile applications increasing, people continue to look to technology to aid in their healthy living efforts.

“On, members utilize a variety of free tools,” said Berman. “Users can look up nutrient information of foods, keep track of what they’ve eaten throughout the day and log activity completed and calories burned.”

Though there are other food journals available online, one of the best features on Calorie Camp for dieters who need accountability is that you can publicly share your food and activity log. Though some people might feel embarrassed sharing their diet downfalls, the community is meant to offer social support to help dieters stick with their food and exercise logging, which is a proven key to weight loss.

Calorie Camp states, “By sharing reports and comments, you will enable as much support from the community as possible. When you know friends and other users of Calorie Camp will be seeing your reports and commenting on your progress, it holds you more accountable for your actions and increases the likelihood of achieving your goals. ”


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