Bill Clinton Living a Healthy Lifestyle and Contributing to Diet Books

by Kelsey Murray

Comedians used to make fun of the junk-food loving former president, Bill Clinton. There were many jokes about Bubba and barbecue and Saturday Night Live even made a short skit where Clinton was portrayed as eating strangers’ French fries at a McDonald’s. However, when Clinton announced on CNN that he was becoming a vegan in 2010, the jokes started to die down, and now, it’s become quite apparent how dedicated he really has become to improving his health.

“The short answer is, I went on essentially a plant-based diet,” Clinton said. “I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit. I drink a protein supplement every morning. No dairy. It changed my whole metabolism and I lost 24 pounds, and I got back basically to what I weighed in high school.”

Those are some pretty awesome results, if you ask me.

Now, Clinton is taking on a new role: Blurber-in-Chief. He has been writing blurbs for several health and diet books that he has read and endorses; so far, he has endorsed seven books. One of these books is Eddie Shapes Up, a children’s book that was written by Ed Koch, former New York City mayor.

“I’m delighted to see books like Eddie Shapes Up encouraging children to embrace wellness at an early age,” Clinton said. “After undergoing two heart surgeries, I knew I would have to change my lifestyle in order to stay well. The rewards of good health have made it all worthwhile. I only wish I had started on this adventure as a young man.”

Clinton has also endorsed a weight-loss book Think and Grow Thin, by weight-loss coach Charles D’Angelo. Clinton and D’Angelo have never worked together, but the coach has worked with several of Clinton’s friends and they have met.

“His passion for service has served as a compass and inspiration to me countless times over,” said D’Angelo about Clinton. “I just had to meet him. I was privileged with an opportunity to personally share with President Clinton my painful story of being an overweight child and teen, being bullied, ridiculed and ready to give up on life.”

Not everyone who receives an endorsement from Clinton has actually met him. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., one of the first people to be recognized for his part in a movement to help prevent and reverse heart disease, is one of these people.

“I’ve never spoken with the man,” said Esselstyn. “I’ve never looked him in the eye; he’s never shaken my hand. But through a friend, he obtained a copy of the book, he obviously has devoured it, and hopefully he has applied what we have indicated in the book is the appropriate way to arrest and reverse this disease.”

We wish Clinton continued to success on his healthy journey in 2012.

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