Biggest Loser’s First 5K and No Trainers on the Ranch in Week 4

WHAT?! The trainers are leaving us? Alison Sweeney MUST be joking. The White team is down to its last two players; we NEED Jillian Michaels. Pam and I knew we had to put our game faces on and work harder than ever.  She told us to run five miles a day- DONE, Ladder to Hell- DONE, stairs- DONE… Pam and I are BACK!

I think my favorite part of this episode was seeing Bingo’s, Sunny’s and Lindsay’s stories. I am so proud of Bingo’s parents as they are truly accepting of the new healthy lifestyle; check out all the fruit in that fridge! And Lindsay! Her mom and sister are really helping her kick it up to the next level-Fight to win girl! Sunny reminds me SO much of me when I was in high school. I always burned the candle at both ends. Between the advanced course work, student council, varsity sports, show choir…the list goes on. When Sunny said she was afraid of failing I knew EXACTLY what she meant. I was afraid of being a disappointment and feeling I needed to prove myself. I am so proud of Sunny for recognizing this now. This girl will be president one day- TEAM SUNNY!

This week’s challenge is a 5k race with Biggest Loser Walk/Run; the winning team will split $15,000. WOW! Pam and I need a comeback and this is our chance. I tried to be confident, but honestly, I was nervous and fearful I couldn’t finish, but I didn’t stop running. Not only did I finish, but I finished first! Then, Pam comes around the corner and she is about to clinch third place. I run out to her knowing that WE WON THE $15,000 prize. Now it’s your turn America; sign up for a Biggest Loser 5k!

At this point, I think Pam and I have made Jillian proud. I loved telling her that we won the challenge and that for once her pushing paid off! But it isn’t long before we turn around and start our Last Chance Workout. I was excited to workout with the Blue Team. I didn’t, however, like Bob Harper and Jillian Michael’s playing Good Cop/Bad Cop. They really kicked our LCW into turbo drive!

Then, the weigh-in begins; I feel more confident than ever. Pam and I had nothing but successes all week. Of course, they save the White Team for last, as if we aren’t anxious enough for the results. Blue and Red teams have weighed in and Pam and I need to lose more that 12 pounds collectively. I am up first. As the numbers scroll my heart starts to race and six pounds pops up. Six is NOT a safe number. That means Pam needs to lose seven pounds to save the both of us but only six to save herself. Pam loses three pounds. My heart drops because I know Pam is going home. Pam and I had really bonded that week and she really became my best friend on the ranch. Now there is no one else to worry about but myself. I HATED losing my team, but maybe this is the best thing for me. All I know is that I have to take every advantage here on the Ranch. Pam worked her butt off and still went home; you are never safe. I will miss you SO much Pam!

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photo credits Lindsay Bravo and Carin Baer/NBC

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