Biggest Loser Where Are They Now: Alumni Reveal Life Changes and Favorite Ranch Moments

In Biggest Loser land, it isn’t over until the confetti falls. Because, after all, there isn’t anyone left but skinny girls (and guys) to sing!

For 14 seasons, we’ve invited these individuals in to our living rooms and hearts week after week, year after year, championing their stories, and in a way only reality TV can engender they begin to feel like family. Then, all at once, the confetti falls and we’re all whisked back to reality.

Where do they go? What do they do? Some go back to their jobs and lives, others are inspired to pursue entirely new careers. They finally fall in love, marry the one, make new babies, and climb feats greater than they ever thought possible.

This is life after Loser. We found 11 former contestants to share where they are now and what life looks like on this side of the scale. As far back as Julie Hadden in season four to to as recent as Jessica Limpert in season 12, they tell us what’s going on. Plus, in the ultimate behind-the-scenes look, they tell us their favorite moments from the ranch that couldn’t possibly have been caught on camera.

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