Biggest Loser: Episode 5

Welcome to another episode of Twists and Turns! I’m really having a lot of fun watching this season of Biggest Loser– but I don’t know how much more of this my nerves can handle. This week we’ve got trainers competing, Jillian crying (yes, the bully wept), no one giving into temptations, couples being torn apart. Last night was pretty intense for me- I can’t imagine being the brunt of all of the producer’s mind games.

Let’s address the fact that Bob totally stacked the deck in his favor. By winning the run against the escalator competition, he was able to pick the teams who would only be training with him. Jillian said he’s “got blood in his mouth from the last four seasons” because the contestants she trained have been the Biggest Losers. Fair enough. But he took all of big guys- the grey, black and orange teams. The new Blue team is born. Jillian bawled her eyes out while she watched everyone being separated. I think it created an interesting dynamic for players and trainers to work together. How good is that for ratings though?

So the new Black team has the former blue, yellow and purple teams. What everyone would agree is the weaker of six couples- but they are not short on spirit or spunk.

My “Cry of the Night” came from Brittany. During the second challenge each team (new blue versus black) had to walk backward on the escalator for as long as possible. Last team standing would split $10,000. The new blue team, of which Brittany is on, is younger. So I really thought this was an easy win. I was so disappointed in that entire team. Two and three minutes in team members are bailing. You can’t hang? Jillian makes you spend hours at a time on the treadmill. So everyone bails- leaving Brittany to compete alone. She hung as long as possible and finally stepped off. She stepped off to cheers, hugs and applaud and I cried right along with her. Nice work Brittany!

Quote of the week goes to Bernie. He had two really dynamite choices last night, but I think I settled on – “The best way to describe Jillian’s last chance workout is just medieval torture.” There was a lot on the line going into this week’s weigh in. The newly formed blue and black teams had to weigh in against one another. The team who lost had to choose one person to send home. Not team- as in the two people who came together – but individual person would go home.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much- but it does. How can you break up these people? Sure it’s incentive to make them work harder- but the entire theme of the season. In any event- Bob’s new blue team totally womped the new Black team- 50 pounds to 17 pounds. It was heartbreaking to watch them find someone to send home. But in the end, Jenn of the purple team was selected to leave the Biggest Loser Ranch. The tearful goodbye was evident of things to come as each goodbye will continue to get so much harder.

Next week, Biggest Loser is promising “the most shocking elimination yet.”

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