The Unknowns and Ranchers Trade Places in Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 4 Recap

The ranch is still reeling from the twins’ 9-pound gain from last week’s weigh-in. As much as Don says he did not throw the weigh-in, no one seems to believe him, myself included. It is EXTREMELY difficult to put a number like that up and have it be “accidental.”

There is another one of those famous twists going on this week, as per the usual. We have a temptation! All the ranchers’ favorite foods are put into a room. Sounds yummy. They go in as teams and whoever eats the most calories gets to choose a team to send to the unknowns for one week! On top of that, the chosen team does NOT get immunity. Not a single person eats except for Arthur, and he ends up going with what he thinks is the lowest calorie option, one chicken leg for 150 calories. He chooses to send the green team because they are the “strongest” team in his eyes and believes they will do well over there and put up good numbers. I really think he’s just scared of the green team and hopes they do poorly so he can send one of them home.Irene Alvarado, Episode 4

The green team is a little wary of going to the unknowns, but it seems like they fit right in when their workout starts. Now this is my kind of training! I thoroughly enjoy fight training and that gritty style of working out. It is just a lot more fun and keeps you actively engaged. The unknowns also look as though they accept the green team right away into their “family” by encouraging them in their workouts and showing them what life is like at their facility.

Here we are with the challenge for the week. The green team returns to the ranch to represent the unknowns and compete by themselves against the entire rancher bunch. But for what? Letters from home! That was never a big prize for me when I was there, due to the fact that I did not want any distractions from my focus, but I fought my hardest to win letters for whoever was on my team because I know that is a HUGE prize and motivator for some people. Now all they have to do is figure out the calorie total of all their favorite foods from the temptation. Sounds easy, except for the fact that the numbers have to be hoisted 70 ft. in the air before they are deemed correct or not. To make it fair, the ranchers’ numbers are heavier to make up for the fact that they have more people. Unfortunately for the unknowns, the ranchers end up taking it and get a bunch of great motivating letters from home. Arthur gets one from his daughter who is in 1st grade and wrote it all by herself. Don gets one from his estranged son. All around they get fantastic inspirations from their loved ones.

To be continued! No weigh-in for this episode means there is going to be one heck of a doozy for next week. What’s going to happen when the unknowns return to the ranch? Stay tuned next Tuesday 8/7c on NBC!

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