A Few Thoughts on The Fat Trap by Tara Parker-Pope

two overweight people with exercise ballsTara Parker-Pope may not a household name, but anyone writing about health news is sure to be familiar with author and columnist and editor of The New York Times Well blog. Just in time for New Year, she took one the question of weight loss in a long-from article title “The Fat Trap,” published in The New York Times Magazine this Sunday. Parker-Pope shifts through the research and combines it with personal interest to deliver a survey of the current understanding of the underlying genetics that cause obesity.

Much of the article focuses on the ways in which weight gain is caused by genetic and biological factors. This is not only important for understanding how to treat those who suffer from being over weight and obese not only physically, but also emotionally. As a society, we all too often see weight gain as a moral failing.

“Many times even health professionals view individuals who are overweight as lazy and unable to follow through with strict dietary recommendations because they don’t have strong enough will-power,” says R.D. Kati Mora. “I think as more people begin to realize that its not simply a matter of will-power and that other factors are at play, we will approach weight loss in a more compassionate, caring way. This will hopefully help individuals struggling with weight feel more supported by their healthcare team and be more successful in the long run at implementing the recommendations they are given.”

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