92 Percent of UK Dieters have Fallen Off Their Resolutions Already

Sudae with woman in the backgroundA survey released by the UK-based weight loss program XLS-Medical reports that 92 percent of people who resolved to go on a diet in 2012 have already given up. An estimated 2.6 million people in the United Kingdom resolved to lose weight in the new year, however the survey found that 40 percent gave up on healthy eating habits by the first Friday of the year.

The survey subjects cited hunger, boredom and drinking as the top reasons they fell off the diet wagon. The data suggests that people are embarking on weight loss plans that are too extreme, resulting in a binge after restricting calories too severely. Although indulging in an occasional treat can be healthy part of a weight loss plan, allowing yourself to overeat for an entire weekend can reverse the calorie deficit you’ve created during a week of dieting.

However, just one weekend of overdoing it doesn’t mean you should give up on weight loss on 2012. Below are some of our great resources to help you maintain your resolutions:

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