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Childhood Obesity Will “Kill Us as a Nation” Says Dr. Nancy Synderman [VIDEO]

Matt Lauer walked the Today’s Professionals right in to a heated debate about childhood obesity this morning. A new ad campaign from Georgia is trying to reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity in its state, where Lauer cited one million children are overweight or obese.

The three panelists who make up the Today’s Professionals include former advertising star Donny Deutsch, Star Jones who underwent bariatric surgery, and Dr. Nancy Synderman, Chief Medical Editor for NBC News. They are uniquely qualified to have an educated debate on whether or not the controversial ads will influence any sort of change at all, if they are offensive, or hit the nail on the head.

In this clip from Today Show you can see a sample of one of the television commercials currently running in Georgia. In this spot, a young, and overweight, elementary-aged girl looks plainly in to the camera and says “I don’t like going to school because other kids pick on me. It hurts my feelings.”

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Dolvett Readies for Biggest Loser Season 13 Premiere

Dolvett Quince took the Biggest Loser ranch by storm last season and stole the hearts of America. That’s quite a feat considering he was replacing the beloved, and feared, Jillian Michaels. Tonight, Biggest Loser 13 will premiere with only two trainers, with both Dolvett and Bob Harper.

This morning, Dolvett made an appearance on the Today Show to promote the new season, which has a two-hour premiere tonight to introduce us to the 20 new contestants who are in for the shock of a lifetime – a season centered around No Excuses. Even with a very successful season behind him, the top finishers of the Biggest Loser 12 marathon were his trainees, he was still surprised by the newest class.

“I was surprised by the contestants – psychologically they have so much doubt. My job is to help them remove the doubt and lose the weight,” he told Matt Lauer.
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Restaurant Report Card on The Today Show

Eat This Not That 2012 Book CoverTune in to the Today Show on Wednesday, September 14 for a full report card on your favorite national restaurants. Men’s Health magazine Editor-in-Chief David Zinczenko will be on the show to talk about the fast food options that can be better for your diet and health than sit-down meals.

Zinczenko will share tips from the 2012 edition of Eat This, Not That. The most updated version of this book, which helps Americans eat better without a “diet,” will be released today. Eat This, Not That aims to make the reader an expert in making positive food choices when dining out, by revealing food swaps that can save you hundreds of calories per day. It also covers many other categories of food, such as common grocery store brands.

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18 Health Checks Every Woman Should Know on Today

today sunrise logoTune in this Friday, September 9th to the Today show to learn 18 health checks every woman should know. Women’s Health contributor Dr. Keri Peterson will share these easy preventative measures. Your nails, scalp, mouth and eyes can reveal a lot about your health, and knowing these important self-checks can save you from developing more serious health problems.

In addition to being a practicing physician, Dr. Keri Peterson is a contributing columnist at Women’s Health magazine. Each month, she answers readers’ questions in her column, “The Doctor Is In.” Women’s Health magazine is a great place to get recipe ideas, read celebrity health secrets, find out about new workouts and much more!

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Perfectly Seasoned Suppers on The Today Show

The Today Show Sunrise LogoTune in to the Today Show on Thursday, September 8th for great tips on how to make flavorful dinners without adding unnecessary sodium. Chef Ariane Duarte will show viewers the secrets to making delicious meals that are low in sodium. Duarte is one of Prevention magazine’s contributing chefs, but you may know her better as a Top Chef contestant. She is also the owner of CulinAriane, a four-star restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey.

Duarte will also be discussing The Salt Solution, a book that makes eating a low-sodium diet flavorful and easy. Consuming too much salt is associated with a number of health risks, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Cutting down on sodium may even help you lose weight. The book lays out a six-week program that’s designed to help you turn your eating habits around, starting with a two-week cleanse and followed with a four week meal plan.


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