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Food Impacts Judges’ Decision Making

Ever had an important decision to make and been told to “sleep on it”? I bet you’ve never been told to “eat on it”, but after reading about this new research, you just might consider it.

The graph below illustrates the likelihood of a favorable decision from a judge based on when he or she takes a break to eat. At the start of each session, Israeli prisoners were likely to be granted parole 65% of the time, but that certainly was not true right before the judge decided to take a break.

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Futuristic Fridge Could Assist Dieters

I admitted on twitter a few weeks ago that I had ordered a pizza for dinner after spending several days caring for a very ill doggie, making multiple trips per day to the vet’s office, rescheduling clients, and preparing for Christmas. After all that, I did not think my brain was up to creating dinner for myself and visiting relatives. We have all had those moments when we are mentally zapped. I knew that proper nutrition and full physical energy are important to mental recovery though, so I committed to drinking several glasses of water with my pizza and going to bed early. With the new fridge of the future however, pizza delivery may no longer be necessary when meal planning is more than you can manage.

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