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SPANX’s New Workout Clothing Called Hypocritical

Something tells me these models aren't SPANX's target audience...

For years, people have been wanting a quick and easy way to look slimmer. There have been diet drugs, powders, shakes, shoes; anything that promises to help you shed pounds and look thinner. Of course, there is always the tried-and-true method of exercising to become thinner and healthier, but many people still fall for the fads and quick-fixes.

One of the newer quick-fixes is as easy as putting on a pair of pants and a shirt. SPANX Active Wear (see image) offers a wide variety of body-shaping fitness clothing to help women feel more confident in their own skin. The SPANX fabric helps conceal trouble spots like muffin-tops and cellulite, while also using back seams that “improve your rear view.” In addition to the traditional pants and tank-tops, SPANX also offers a bodysuit to flatten your stomach and other pieces that flatten your thighs and butt.

So you can now buy SPANX clothing made specifically for the gym. I can get behind anything that encourages women to hit the gym, but pants with names like “Slim-X Bagel-Busters” have many people wondering if it is sending the wrong message. Don’t get me started on the “Wrap & Go,” which for a whopping $68 is specifically designed to hide your butt at the gym. What about doing some squats, SPANX?


New Sports Bra Will Banish the Bounce

A new sports bra will be made available in October that claims to “eliminate the bounce” for women with larger chests, who are often on the look out for that very thing. The new sports bra comes from the British lingerie company Panache, who specializes in bras for cup sizes D and higher.

Finding an effective sports bra that keeps bouncing to a minimum can be very difficult. High impact exercise can be jarring and in some cases dangerous to the body if you are a woman working out without proper support.

Panache enlisted their head designer Clare Fallon to create a sports bra that encapsulates each breast separately, which creators say works as effectively as “two hands holding the breasts.” Available in sizes D through H, this new sports bra is said to reduce movement from every angle. During the research process, the amount of breast bounce was reduced by 83 percent in a model wearing a size 32E while working out on a treadmill.


New Wedges Make Exercise a Little Easier for Beginners

fitness-wedgesOne of the most common complaints I hear from beginner exercisers is that their knees, wrists or necks feel uncomfortable — or even painful — during common moves like push-ups, planks and ab work. When you’re just starting a new workout program, there’s already enough things to deal with, from making room in your schedule for exercise to properly hydrating to having the right form to delayed onset muscle soreness. The last thing you need is extra discomfort, right? Right!

The company Do or Die Fitness recently sent me their new fitness wedges for just this problem. Made of soft yet supportive latex-free foam, the wrist wedges, neck circle and knee donuts are a new exerciser’s BFF. All of the supports reduce discomfort and stress on your joints by improving your ergonomics. I was especially a fan of the knee donuts. Whether it’s being in table-top position in yoga that’s uncomfortable or doing a modified push-up that puts too much pressure on your knees, these little donuts do wonders. The wrist wedges were also easy to use, even including a little diagram of where your hand goes, so that you use them correctly. The neck circle was my least favorite of the three, but it wasn’t because it didn’t work — it did its job. I just feel like, for neck support, you could easily use a towel, pillow or something else that’s soft you have around the house. (more…)

Pick the Perfect Pair of Shoes for Your Workout

Usually when people pick out a pair of shoes, they go for two things: the right size and a look that they like. While this may work for a sexy pair of heels or some casual sneaks to wear with jeans, when it comes to fitness shoes, they aren’t a fashion statement: they are a piece of fitness equipment.

Just like when you invest in equipment for your home gym, everyone’s needs are different. Someone who works out in a gym is going to need different shoes than someone who prefers to run trails in the sunshine, or someone who prefers a game of pick up basketball is going to have different needs than someone who taking a Zumba class.

There are a lot of different kinds of shoes you can choose to workout in, but choosing the right type can mean the difference between a comfortable, effective workout, or pain and overuse injuries.


Picking the Perfect Pair of Shoes for Zumba

Zumba Wear Gym Shoes on Amazon.com, $108.99

Zumba is taking over the world. It’s cheap, fun, easy and you don’t need much to join in on the Latin dance fitness craze except your body, whatever sense of rhythm you have, and the right shoes.

You don’t need those fancy high heels you may be picturing, however. Your regular gym shoes are just fine, but if you really want proper Zumba foot attire, there are a few things you should consider when picking out a new pair of kicks.

There are three basic elements to look at when purchasing any type of shoe: shock absorption, ankle support, and material and sole flexibility. Well, four, cause they have to look good, too, but that’s a given. These three elements become even more important when looking for shoes for a specific activity, which today is a kick-butt Zumba class.