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KIND Snacks Petitions FDA to Redefine the Term “Healthy”


KIND Snacks, with support from nutrition and public health experts, has filed a Citizen Petition urging the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to update its regulations around using the term “healthy” in food labeling.

Currently, the FDA mandates that the term “healthy” only be used as a nutrient content claim reserved for foods with 3 grams or less total fat and 1 gram or less of saturated fat per serving. Fish and meat must have 5g or less total fat and 3g or less saturated fat per serving in order to use healthy as a nutrition content claim. This guideline was established over 20 years ago and KIND Founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky claims that it’s outdated, excluding whole, nutrient-rich foods we know to have numerous health benefits like almonds, salmon, olive oil and avocados because of their naturally occurring higher fat content.

The policy effort, which cites evidence from multiple nutrition studies in addition to current federal Dietary Guidelines, is supported by a number of leading health and wellness experts including Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts and Connie Diekman, Registered Dietitian and former President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Health Buzz: Taco Bell’s Beef, New Dietary Guidelines and Heart Disease Risk Factors

Lawsuit Says Taco Bell Doesn’t Use Real Beef

The fast-food giant is being called out for the less than 35 percent beef used in their tacos and burritos. However, Taco Bell is fighting back saying they use 88 percent, plus a secret ingredient, in these “truth ads.”

The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines have Released

The USDA and HHS released the pentennial report with new nutritional recommendations for Americans. Included is direction for consuming less sodium, sugar and saturated fat, and consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Make Your Own Junk Food for Super Bowl

When you make food at home, you can control the ingredients and the portions. Try some of these ideas and recipes for serving healthier Super Bowl favorites at your party. (more…)

Health Buzz: Power Bracelets Fail, Naked Yoga, and Best Mac Apps for Diets

Power Bracelet Makers Admit to Having No Scientific Evidence

We weren’t exactly shocked to learn that these hologram bracelets, sported by average Joes and NBA greats Shaq and Kobe, did nothing more for your health or sense of balance than any other piece of plastic.

Best Mac Apps for Your Diet

Apple’s app store made a move to Mac desktops this past week, opening up a storefront for the creation of desktop applications. We’ve already found a few must-haves for health!

The Best Diet Tips You’ve Never Heard

We rounded up some of our favorite dietitians and asked us to give us their very best diet tips. The result is a lot of valuable information that’s not cliche and redundant. (more…)

The 17 Day Diet Can’t Meet Demand

Since The 17 Day Diet first debuted in late November 2010 people everywhere have been clamoring to find out more about it and how to get their hands on it. We see a lot of diet programs at DietsInReview.com, obviously, and we can honestly say we haven’t seen demand like this for a weight loss product in a very long time. It’s become the hottest diet of 2011, and we’re barely a week in.

While the plan seems balanced and reasonable, as long as people are willing to make changes to their lifestyles, the one downside is that it seems to be impossible to get. We’re moderating comments as fast as we can and all seem to say the same thing: “how do I get it” or “where is mine?”.

The 17 Day Diet is quickly becoming a lesson in supply and demand. The demand for this book is overwhelming, and exceeding expectations, and because of that, the supply can’t keep up.

In our interview with Dr. Mike Moreno, the book’s author, in December 2010 we asked him about the order stress. From that interview:

For those of you who’ve ordered a copy and haven’t received it yet, Dr. Mike asks that you let them know. He said as of 12/20/10, all orders had been shipped, and that the delay is because they just didn’t expect the sizable response that they received. (more…)

Health Buzz: Walk a Marathon, 2011 Diet Trends, 3 Minute Core Exercise

The Diets Everyone is Talking about in 2011

The diets and weight loss plans you can expect to hear a lot of buzz as everyone takes on their new resolutions are on this list. The 10 popular diets include The 17 Day Diet, Weight Watchers PointsPlus and Suzanne Somers’ Sexy Forever.

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10 Breakfast Foods with as much Sugar as a Candy Bar

You wouldn’t eat a candy bar for breakfast, so why eat a smoothie that has as much sugar as four Mounds bars? We’ve compared 10 popular breakfast items, some considered “healthy,” to the amount of sugar in candy. You’ll be shocked, and want to makeover your morning meal.