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Cupid Breaks Biggest Loser’s Teams into Singles in Week 7

Love is certainly in the air this week, but hearts will be broken as we take on the competition as singles. That’s right, no more teams.

What better way to start the week than with a temptation? We are placed in front of tables COVERED with delicious Valentine’s treats. Each item has a calorie count; the person who consumes the most calories wins a two-pound advantage at the weigh in AND can give another two-pound advantage to a fellow contestant. If that wasn’t enough, Alison Sweeny says, “love is blind, and you will be, too.” The lights go out and the ten-minute timer begins.

Will anyone eat? Should I eat? NO, instead I sit down and proceed to do sit-ups, leg-lifts and push-ups. I will earn those extra two pounds. The lights go on and we find that three people ate – Francelina, Alex and Jeff. By only a few calories, Francy gets the two-pound advantage and gives the extra to Alex. Did I make the right decision? (more…)

Buddy and Mark Walk Out on Biggest Loser Season 13

UPDATE: 4/18/12, 6:05pm: We just spoke with NBC publicity, who shared an update on last night’s episode. As of now, Mark and Buddy are planning to attend finale, although we’re told they will not be eligible for any prize money. There will also not be any legal ramifications for their decision to leave the show. “They chose to leave and the show wishes them well,” said Jill Carmen with NBC.

In the nine seasons we’ve watched Biggest Loser, we’ve never seen an episode like this. In the second to last episode before finale, the first 20 minutes were filled with packed luggage, executive producers, and lawyers. The contestants were walking out.

The episode opened with camera crews searching for the contestants, only to find empty rooms and no one with a mic on. Kim started to come out of her bathroom but quickly shut the door. Passing through the kitchen, Mark requested that he not be filmed. The five final contestants (Mark, Buddy, Kim, Conda, and Jeremy) had just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Washington, DC for makeovers and meetings with the first lady, but when they caught wind of a game-changing twist, they were out.

What kind of twist could create such a storm? All fourteen eliminated contestants would be returning to the ranch for a spot as a finalist. The current contestants didn’t think it was fair. The producers explained it’s all part of the game. “This is a matter of right and wrong. In my heart I feel like this is wrong,” Jeremy told Jeff Friedman, the show’s attorney.

It appeared to be a frantic scene on the set as faces from behind the cameras started revealing themselves. Todd Lubin, executive produer, met with the rogue five and explained that a member of legal would soon be out. Bob and Dolvett tried to intercept their seemingly rash decision, but Kim remarked, “This isn’t about you.” Dolvett replied, “Are you prepared to leave?” Mark’s intentions were clear, saying, “Yep. I’m good with that. I’m ready to go.” (more…)

Biggest Loser Finale Recap [Video]

Biggest Loser season 11 has come and gone. It will be a memorable finale, most notably as the first featuring three women as the finalist, not to mention a female at-home winner. Deni lost 125 to win the at-home prize of $100,000. After weighing in the most contestants of any other season, it all came down to Olivia and Hannah. With a narrow three-pound difference, Olivia Ward won after losing 129 pounds, taking home $250,000.

It’s the Last Week on the Ranch in the Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Episode 20

This is probably the most unlikely final four anyone could have imagined would be standing when the dust settled from the last elimination. It’s official. Hannah, Olivia, Irene, and Jay. This week there are no more eliminations, but there is another weigh in. In lieu of running the famous marathon this year, they stay on the ranch for another week and weigh in one more time to face the yellow line and leave it up to America to decide who will be the three to vie for the big prize.

One of the things I was really big on, and still am, is nutrition. This week’s pop challenge is to cook the best turkey burger possible (but can they top MY turkey burger recipe?). The winner gets $5,000 and a two-week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort for a person of their choice. The judges for this have the most discerning of palates: A bunch of children! Olivia’s green slime burger didn’t seem to win over many kids and neither did Irene’s burger. Jay’s volcano burger and Hannah’s burger as well seemed to be the overall favorites with Jay barely squeaking it out for the win. (more…)

The Final Four Are Revealed in the Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Episode 19

We all thought that the final four would be determined last week. However, due to a wish granted by Tim Gunn, we have to wait an additional week to get those results. What’s in store for us this week? The end is in sight for everyone and it is time for them to bring together everything they have learned on their journeys.

First up for the contestants is a final exam! Are they in school again? What is happening?! I for one would be able to rock this as I am kind of a closet nerd. There are four parts to this exam with each of the trainers. (more…)