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The Price of Losing 30 Pounds

diet budgetJust because you want to lose weight, doesn’t mean your budget has to go along for the ride. More and more studies suggest Americans are continuing to get heavier, while our obsession with losing weight continues to feed a $30 billion industry. The tried-and-true diet and exercise approach proves to continually be the most effective for weight loss, but millions still seek the support and expertise that comes with a paid diet program. MSN took a look at Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig and Zone Delivery and broke out the price you’ll pay to lose 30 pounds on each.

Weight Watchers

  • Registration $15-$20; Weekly Meetings $10-$15; Online $46.90 first month and $16.95 thereafter
  • Average loss of 1-2 pounds/week
  • 20 weeks to lose 30 pounds
  • Investment: Meetings $214.80 to $299.80; Online $97.75


  • $299.95/month with monthly auto-delivery
  • Average loss of 2 pounds/week
  • 4 months to lose 30 pounds
  • Investment: $1,199.80

Jenny Craig

  • $399 or $359 upfront cost with 12-month Jenny Rewards plan
  • Average loss of 1-2 pounds/week
  • Investment: $399 or $359 (does not include cost of food, about $84 to $126/month)

The Zone Diet Meal Delivery

  • $44.99/day (+ shipping)
  • Average loss of 8-10 pounds/month
  • 3-4 months to lose 30 pounds
  • Investment: $3,869 to $5,159

January 29th, 2009