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Fitness Gain with Sweat-Free Workouts

Work weeks are busy these days and sometimes rather impossible to fit in a decent workout. Busy mornings, short lunch breaks, and family time at night leave the exercise life empty handed. But, what about a sweat free workout over lunch? This will allow you to get your needed exercise without a shower or a change of clothes. Obviously, by not sweating you are not getting the heart rate up for a good cardio workout, but a short, sweat-free workout is better than no workout.

I feel that eating a quick lunch and then going for a brisk walk to the park or even just around the building is better than driving to a fast food joint; all while loading up on fat and carbohydrates then driving back to the office just to sit around some more. What if you packed a low fat sandwich, a fruit, a veggie, and a healthy beverage at least three days a week and then exercised for the remaining time. Nothing strenuous, just a short, simple, and sweat-free workout.

Here are a few strategies to help you:

1. Take a sack lunch to work and eat it while walking.

2. Eat quickly and hit the stairs for the remaining time.

3. Hit the gym and try the following exercises:

I recommend performing one set of each and then walking for five minutes and then repeating. Take your time and no sweating is allowed!! Good Luck!!

December 16th, 2008