Weight Loss News In Review – Week of November 15

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Four Ways To Celebrate with Thanks Instead of Turkey

This holiday, focus on appreciating the people around you and giving to those less fortunate than you with four simple but powerful gestures.

Learn about the Hungry Girl’s Healthy Holiday Tips

Lisa Lillien, the colorful and creative soul behind the Hungry Girl, shares with us some of her most fool-proof cooking tips and advice for a guilt-free but delicious Thanksgiving.

thanksgivingThanksgiving Fitness Tips and a Thanksgiving Workout

Fearful that your Thanksgiving buffet will pack on the pounds? From a Thanksgiving workout that will supercharge your metabolism to learning about five fitness tips to keep the pounds off, we have what you need to keep your holidays healthy and fun.

Avoid the Thanksgiving Day Food Coma

Learn what hormones and neurotransmitters are involved in putting you in a near catatonic food coma and a few ways to avoid this post Thanksgiving meal slumber.

Low-Fat Diets Improve Mood

Just as you’re about to dig into that third slice of pumpkin pie, keep in mind the new research that illustrates a low-fat diet may help with long-term mood improvement.

Prevention’s New 400-Calorie Fix

Even though Prevention Magazine’s new diet book, the 400-Calorie Fix has not yet been released, we have a sneak peek into what this simple calorie-counting diet plan involves.

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